Rockhampton - Relaxing Riverside Walk

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Rockhampton - Relaxing Riverside Walk


The Rockhampton Riverside Walk is a fantastic experience on a sunny afternoon. Let the gentle river breezes refresh you on a relaxing walk past the slow moving Fitzroy River.

The Fitzroy River flows from the joining of the Dawson and Mackenzie Rivers then flows through Rockhampton offering many recreational opportunities and providing a highway for rivergoers going north into the wetlands or south down to Keppel Bay in the Coral Sea.

The walkway also runs alongside the Rockhampton Central Business District so there’s a ton of fantastic cafes and great places to grab a bite to eat, stop and enjoy lunch. Perhaps take an evening walk and watch the sunset glinting from the Fitzroy before enjoying dinner at one of the great restaurants nearby.

Picnic areas, barbecue areas as well as plenty of seats and shade line the walkway and provide plenty of places to sit and enjoy the view or take a rest on your heritage walk.

The riverside is also often the site of festivals and markets of a weekend. - check at the Tourist Information Centre to see if there’s anything special happening.