Free Industry Tours - See What Makes Queensland Tick

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Free Industry Tours - See What Makes Queensland Tick


Gladstone boasts some of the country's most impressive industry. You can see it all in action with some of the free, award winning industry tours that are available. So why not head off the beaten track and take a different approach to sight-seeing.

You can explore the inner workings of these remarkable industrial giants and gain an insight into what drives industry in Queensland. There are many places to visit and discover.

NRG Gladstone Power Station is one of the highlights, seeing a world-class coal power facility that is also Queenslands largest, generating up to 1680 megawatts. Situated close to the coalfields and also close to the seawater for cooling, you’ll be able to see the giant boilers, rotors and turbines, and see first hand, the energy being converted from coal, to mechanical, to electrical. If you’re lucky you’ll be able to see the control room, the central hub of the advanced facility where computer systems control the complex, dynamic workings of the generators. The experienced tour operators have a wealth of information to provide on these trips.

Another great industrial tour is the Gladstone Ports Corporation where you’ll be able to see the huge ships get loaded and unloaded and the bustling port with its cranes, workers and tug boats. The tour takes you to a hill overlooking the port for a fantastic view of all the goings on.

Tours last approximately one and a half hours and depart from the Gladstone Visitor Information Centre on specific weekdays.