Mount Morgan Gold Mine

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Mount Morgan Gold Mine


Visiting the Mount Morgan Gold Mine is a must do if you’re visiting Rocky. The tour takes you on a fascinating trip around the old mine and township that offers an insight into the incredible mining history of the region and the people who have toiled here, searching for success.

It’s a great drive up on the range from Rockhampton on the Burnett Highway. The tour itself takes around two hours in a comfy mini-bus. It winds through houses from the heyday of the gold rush. You get entry into the fascinating museum experience and of course into the gold mine to see what it was all about.

The tour guides are incredibly knowledgeable. They’re bursting with information about the town and just love weaving a good yarn. The mine has great historical significance. Once, it was the richest gold mine in the southern hemisphere. Immerse yourself in the thrilling feelings of opportunity that the mine invokes. Y

ou can imagine prospectors risking everything on the next big find - and the effect this newfound wealth had on the town and on Rockhampton itself.

Reportedly it paid Australia’s national debt many years ago and helped to finance Australia’s contribution to the first World War.

Intertwine your exploration with great rest stops at the dam with stunning outlooks and a suspension bridge are sure to get the heart racing.

Imagine the awesome photo opportunities.

Visit the dinosaur caves to see some fascinating fossils and dinosaur footprints that have been preserved for millennia.