Revisit Yesteryear at the C.Q. Military and Artefacts Museum

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Revisit Yesteryear at the C.Q. Military and Artefacts Museum


Be amazed by the detail and the sheer amount of artefacts and knowledge on display at the C.Q Military and Artefacts Museum. There’s powerful summaries of all conflicts and past wars presented in careful displays with accompanying stories.

Tucked away, this little gem of a museum offers a pleasant surprise and it’s off the beaten path. The volunteers who run it are knowledgeable, friendly and love to share stories and entertain and educate the little ones.

The way the information is presented is what sets it apart. Personal memorabilia and artefacts small and large are accompanied by local information and newspaper accounts, giving the war stories a personal flavour and giving visitors a very human window into the past.

There’s a new World War One exhibit featuring film footage of Gallipoli that brings the history to life and you’ll find militaria from all wars Australia has been involved in including World War One, World War Two, the Boer War, the Vietnam War and other conflicts.

When in Rockhampton, make sure you find this hidden gem, tucked away at 40 Archer Street.