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Roberta has successfully established herself as one of Australia’s best therapists using the RTT method. She has clients from all over the world, including elite athletes, professional writers, sales people even other therapists.

“The beauty of RTT is it’s for all people, from any background and can be conducted via videoconferencing with remarkable results. The transformation is incredibly liberating,” she said.

Roberta herself has successfully stopped smoking, lost weight and treated the depression using RTT. She travels quite extensively promoting RTT to groups, conferences and seminars as a completely safe, chemical-free, drug-free, non-invasive alternative to many traditional medical treatments.

Roberta loves being able to offer people this incredible hope at transforming their lives – there IS light at the end of the tunnel and I feel honoured to guide people on that journey.

"I am a lot like you.

Life has thrown it’s share of adversities my way, fortunately I found Rapid Transformational Therapy and my life was turned around.

Now I am helping others to live the life they always dreamed they would."

Rapid Transformational Therapy as developed by Marisa Peer, is a method of hypnotherapy that truly empowers an individual to uncover the meaning and interpretation of events and then change them.

This leads to permanent, powerful change. It honours and values the significance people attach to their issue/problem and then offers an emotional release – usually in one session.