Gemfest – Festival of Gems 2017 - 10-13th August

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Gemfest – Festival of Gems 2017 - 10-13th August




On the 10th to the 13th of August the town of Anakie will play host to Gemfest, a celebration of all things gems in the heart of the largest sapphire fields in the Southern Hemisphere.

The annual event has gem traders and admirers come from all round to celebrate and show off some of the largest and most impressive Australian Sapphires.

That's not all, there's set to be fun and entertainment for the whole family. 

From gem displays and exhibitions, music and live performances, dedicated children’s entertainment area, gems and jewellery on sale, and lapidary and equipment supplies for the gem enthusiasts, the Festival truly has something for everyone.

Explore the Hall of Treasures until something catches your eye, delve into the market stalls, find something to take home at the Mall or enjoy chatting to the locals and enthusiasts in the main Marquee.g


It’s the perfect opportunity to try your luck and experience gem fossicking in search of that precious stone in some of the largest sapphire fields in the world.

While local sapphires are undoubtedly the gem of choice at the festival, diamonds, pearls, zircons, opals and other gemstones will also be amongst the sparkling array, along with gold, crystals, fossils and minerals.

Each year thousands of visitors come from far and wide to share the excitement, enjoy the Gemfields and marvel at the gems on display. Gemfest visitors often stay for the entire winter season.

Held at the Allan King Memorial Park, this yearpromises to be another huge success and an event well worth visiting in Central Queensland.