The famous Keppel Islands

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The famous Keppel Islands


The Keppel Island group is part of the Southern Great Barrier Reef, an island paradise with the best of reefs, pristine white sand beaches and crystal clear blue sea. It’s an incredible experience to snorkel in the clear blue waters and explore the colourful reefs that protect the islands.


Because of these fringing reefs, the waters of the Keppels are amazingly calm and as such are perfect for all kinds of water based adventure such as snorkelling with the amazing sea life, sea kayaking, water-skiing and tubing plus more.


Go on a snorkelling adventure just a short swim off one of the stunning white beaches of the islands and check out the abundance of tropical fish amongst the amazing array of coral and sea life. You might see friendly turtles, dolphins and majestic manta rays.


There’s great accommodation on Great Keppel Island ranging from tents and cabins to private beach houses on the water’s edge, whether you want tropical island luxury or tropical island authenticity.

Ferries depart most days to the islands from Rosslyn Bay in Yeppoon (40 min drive from Rockhampton) and it’s just a short ride across to Great Keppel.


Make sure you research the range of great tours and charters available on your stay, these range from snorkelling excursion to sailing adventures to bushwalking and more. The climate and location are a perfect mix for sailing and fishing. Scuba diving and snorkelling are almost must-do options!