Thunder Eggs, Gold and Fossicking

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Thunder Eggs, Gold and Fossicking


When in Gladstone you might like to dig into the history of the Queensland Outback, quite literally. Try your luck in the gold or gem fields where you never know if you’re one rock away from becoming rich. Dig for Thunder Eggs and pan for gold while learning about the rich history of the fossicking pioneers.

Start your adventure by heading to Biggenden, it’s a charming outback town and you’ll find one of the best fossicking sites just 10km west at a place called Rocky Creek. Material is taken from the Biggenden Mine to the site for fossickers to pick over and a vast array of minerals can be found. There’s caravan parks and camping facilities at Biggenden too.

You could also head to the Calliope where in earlier days gold was mined in the Boyne Range and the aptly named Nuggety Gully. Areas just south and west of Gladstone are great attractions for gold fossickers.

Calliope is close to the old goldfields. Get stuck in with a miner’s pan at Brennan’s Flat. East Boyne and Barmundu are also well worth checking out. A wide wealth of gemstones is also available in the area so it’s not just gold you might stumble upon.

Mount Hay Gemstone Tourist Park is another great option. The volcano of Mt Hay erupted long ago and evidence of it’s volcanic vent can be found throughout the region. For a fossicking fee you can explore the rhyolite fossicking park with digging tools provided. Friendly staff will show you around and explain the geology and features of the area. Discover what a true Thunder Egg looks like and where to find them. If you find something you can arrange to have your specimens cut and polished to reveal the true beauty of the stones.

Guided tours in this park are also available and are a great casual way to enjoy this pastime and partake in the excitement of discovery. Relax with a friendly barbeque for lunch and you can camp here too.

Consider a fossicking adventure on your trip to Gladstone, you never know what you’ll dig up!