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Discover the Dreamtime Cultural Centre


Located upon 12 hectares of classic Australian Bushland, the Dreamtime Cultural Centre is a must see for travellers visiting the Rockhampton area.

The grounds are landscaped with a huge variety of flourishing native plants, trees and there is a large waterfall. This scenery is part of an interpretive walk that the center encourages peoples to experience. This carefully cultivated experience takes visitors through several distinct areas of Australia's cultural history including the Torres Strait Islander Complex featuring traditional huts, the giant dugong and a variety of plants particular to the Torres Strait.

The walk also takes you through the Aboriginal Traditional area which features a replica burial site, rock art, gunyahs and traditional ceremonial sites of the Darambal people.

The original occupants of the land were the Darambal Aboriginal Tribe who have now almost disappeared and the choice of this land for the Center is appropriate as it still contains the traditional "ceremonial rings" of the Darambal Tribe.

This is an ideal place to learn more about aboriginal culture and is perfect whether taking a self guided tour or join the experienced operators on a journey with great significance.

There is a fantastic Artefacts shop with authentic Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artefacts and souvenirs. The centre also features a kiosk in the main building. Entry fees apply however there are family concessions available, tours operate daily.

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By Graeme Churchard from Bristol (51.4414, -2.5242), UK - On the Barnett River, Mount Elizabeth Station, CC BY 2.0,