Visit Rockhampton Zoo - It's Free!

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Visit Rockhampton Zoo - It's Free!


Rockhampton Zoo is a fantastic free facility, nestled within the Botanic Gardens and adjacent to the Murray Lagoon in Rockhampton.

You’ll find over 70 species of native animals from across Australia as well as exotic animals from around the world.

Check out the awesome Tropical Rainforest and Australian Outback exhibits while exploring and be amazed by these furry, scaly and feathered creatures.

Get up close and personal to some of Australia’s most iconic fauna like the Koala, the Cassowary, dingos as well as playful Chimpanzees, beautiful lizards and much more!

Conservation, research and education is a priority for Rockhampton Zoo with species management programs in place to ensure the survival of endangered species.

Make sure you check out a feeding show and a tour when visiting the Zoo. Group tours can be organised and the feeding shows are some of the best times to see the animals up close and personal.

Check out Rockhampton Zoo for a fantastic day out!