Rockhampton, Gladstone and Central Queensland

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It's all go at Rocky Pet World, they've got something for every pet, cats, dogs, fish, snakes, lizards, elephants..... Well may not elephants, but they have bird cages, fish tanks, dog and cat food, fish and bird food and an elephant DIY bath...... What! Well not an elephant bath but at Rocky Pet World, there a world apart. 

Locally owned and operated since 1999, Rocky Pet World has built a reputation for amazing customer service and a comprehensive range of products for all forms of pets and animals.

The store sells turtles, birds, scorpions , spiders, Bearded Dragons, rats , mice, marine fish, tropical fish, freshwater fish, corals, live rock and of products to go with them, and also dog and cat products of course, and much more!

Check out their Facebook page for the glowing reviews and a glimpse of the store.

Call on (07) 4928 2500 for enquiries.